MAHATMA GANDHI by Catherine Owens Peare
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**Three excellent biographies of Gandhi this fall -- and it is very difficult to choose between this one and Miss Eaton's (P. 359) for this age group. Both thrillingly present the remarkable story of Gandhi's rise to leadership of the Indian people, the greatness and saintliness of his personality and the triumphant affirmation of his life. Although both books are of superior quality, the emphasis in Miss Peare's biography is shifted slightly to include a detailed analysis of the years following the work in South Africa -- satyagraha, the boycott of British goods, negotiations, writings, years in prison, the ashram and walks and talks among the people. Also, the author is careful to integrate the events with a background of India's history. The prose is restrained, repetitious in parts, to allow the reader to absorb more easily some of the complicated and unfamiliar setting.

Publisher: Holt