THE RECKLESS HEART by Catherine Severn


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Report repeated from page 8 of the January 1st bulletin, as follows: ""Love, in rather luminous terms, and emotions right up there on the surface, as Mar' Cullen carries back to her childhood in old Virginny (West) and to the house on Bretton Road where her father, Alfred Vries, subjected them to the shame of debt and the scandal of his many mistresses. But particularly it is the story of Lisbee, a honeypot, who emerges from the ostracism of her schoolmates to the courtship of Nelson Etheridge, rich, handsome and first family. And from flirtatious flurries to secret trysts, their love progresses to the sanction of both families, only for Lisbee to face humiliation at Mrs. Etheridge's hands after her father provokes new trouble by bringing his mistress to his home. Lisbee elopes with another suitor, but it is her mother who effects the reconciliation with Nelson after an annulment is attained. ...That clement climate where belles are more beautiful, the pursuit of love is more imperious, and feelings fluster freely, this is strictly feminine in its appeal and only rental in its destination.

Pub Date: Aug. 2nd, 1951
Publisher: Doubleday