IS THAT YOUR SISTER? A True Story About Adoption by Catherine & Sherry Bunin

IS THAT YOUR SISTER? A True Story About Adoption

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The title question is one that adopted Cathy, six, and her younger sister, also adopted, hear often as they don't ""look alike"" or like their mother--different colors, mainly. Cathy gets other questions too and her answers here might satisfy those who ask them as well as others in her situation. Written by Sherry, the mother, but told as if by Cathy, this shows the adult in a good light (""My Mommy tries not to lie to me"") but Cathy does get the better lines. (""Well, she just couldn't cope, I guess,"" she says of her natural mother, whereas the cliches such as ""a beautiful human being"" are Sherry's.) There are bits about social workers and court, more about ""being a family"" (there are two older brothers, not adopted), and smiling photos to document the success of the venture. Slight in appearance and substance, this is essentially a band-aid book, to apply as indicated.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1976
Publisher: Pantheon