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THE CHINESE EGG by Catherine Storr



Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1975
Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Unlike the marvelously crafted Chinese puzzle egg that has a piece or two missing, this is well-tooled suspense with a few unnecessary angles. The puzzle egg belongs to the son of a posh, overintellectual psychiatrist and a mother who funnels her anxiety into gourmet fiascos. But when one of the egg's parts gets lost on the sidewalk, it is picked up by Vicky, plain and adopted, and the two young people come into their own. . . and together. . . through a series of clairvoyant flashes that give them an inside track on the whereabouts of a kidnapped baby and a pathetic fat gift who's sure to be disposed of once she's done the crooks' diapering chores for them. Fortunately, if oddly, young Lieutenant Price isn't too proud to work with a pair of teenage telepaths and uses their fuzzy ESP clues to conduct an eventful, though rather stolid chase. Good enough, but certainly enough, though all the unresolved anxiety about Vicky's mystery father and a still missing puzzle piece seem to prophesy a sequel. . . and limit this to a readership that has the patience to let all the odd-shaped bits find their own level.