THREE TO MAKE READY by Catherine Turlington


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A year with the author's family where it ""never takes long for an incident to turn into an issue"" as she recalls the life with her three teen age girls, her husband, the Family Provider, their 1939 car, and their liberal minded Dalmatian. It opens with the Oldest One getting ready for college -- closes with the Middle One on her way there, too. From picnics, to dress, to souvenirs in the attic, and the doubtful blessings of F. P.'s mechanical ability, ""We"" provide a congenial picture not only of the teen-agers, but of the parents, trying to conform to the standards the girls demand, trying, too, to be helpful without being embarassing. The problems of homework, earning money, dates, adult guests, termites, painting, colds, Christmas and presents, gardening, parties, a reunion with F. P., a vacation in which the F. P. and the Dalmatian are taught to swim -- these will strike familiar chords in parental hearts, will amuse them too. Just barely escaping a coy tone, this is easy entertainment for the family.

Publisher: Vanguard