THE OTHER ONE by Catherine Turney


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That old black magic in a new reworking as Kit tells of the possession of her younger sister, Miranda, by the dead wife of the man she married. For Miranda, in her fifth month of pregnancy, senses and fears the influence of Felicia, loses her baby after a dreadful convulsion from which she emerges- as Felicia. In Kit's efforts to fight the dark forces which are in play, she has little help from John- whom she loves but suspects of a past relationship with Felicia; from Dick- Miranda's husband- who takes to drink, and she resists alone the silent and overt threats of Mrs. Bradley- Felicia's mother- who dabbles in metaphysics. And finally, guided by Miranda's spirit, she is able to save Miranda's body from a Black Mass and to return her sister to life- and love.... The supernatural suspension of disbelief, this has a certain glow and a definite gloss and provides an evening's entertainment.

Pub Date: May 26th, 1952
Publisher: Henry Holt