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The administration's war on poverty has appealed to the American public now aware of the paradoxical situation of a rich country with millions of its citizens living at a starvation level. This inexcusable condition is the challenge which is discussed here. Another book in the Wisdom and Discovery series which has grown out of Georgetown Univeristy's 175th anniversary celebration, this one should have broad appeal. The University successfully brought together probably the most directly concerned individuals who discuss and take issue with the approaches being made under the national program now being put into force. We read here Wilbur J. Cohen's statement on public policy of the present Administration to eliminate poverty. This is followed by Michael Harrington's (The Other America) evaluation of what he sees since his own book alerted the country to the shabbier aspects of our society. Dwight MacDonald and Robert Theobald are at odds with many of the views represented. Gunnar Myrdal and Leon Keyserling also give their views. Some see merit in what is being done but disagree with certain aspects of the program. Now that poverty has become a popular topic for the press and even on the cocktail circuit, this updating of the ""state of the question"" by experts should be welcomed. It is a timely book of evaluations on a core problem of our American economy.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1964
Publisher: Kenedy