DAVID'S HUNDRED DOLLARS by Catherine Woolley
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Here's an author who has found the magic formula to win a loyal audience of beginning readers:- a good story, with lots of action; credible characters- not too good to be true; a vocabulary that is within easy reading reach. With the fourth of the David hooks, a small boy's adventures in a medium sized town carries on the Railroad Cowboy yarn with the good and bad results of the reward David won for preventing a freight train wreck. A hundred dollars looked like an endless fund, and David frittered a good deal of it away (as almost any average small boy would do, confronted with perishable toys and tempting eatables). But he learned, too, the fun of sharing and giving, and at the end, with summer holidays in view, he managed to get the coveted bicycle which -- almost too late- he found was his heart's desire. Tops in its field -- except for the illustrations by Iris Beatty Johnson, which I find only medfocre.

Pub Date: Feb. 20th, 1952
Publisher: Morrow