HOLIDAY ON WHEELS by Catherine Woolley
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Most parents and teachers face the problem of dealing with boys like David who get big ideas but just can't follow through on them. The question on this book is whether there is enough story and fun in it to outweigh mother's disapproval, David's own sense of failure, and Dad's ""chin up"" kind of talk. At any rate, David who starts out to handle a paper route in a fury of enthusiasm, gives it up after one day because he can't master the knack of flipping the papers on to the top step of subscribers' porches, and also because it's more fun to couple a new friend's wagon to his bike than to deliver papers. He also turns back on a rather strenuous bike trip he undertakes with a friend. But when his father stands behind him and will not let him renege when the going proves through on a Maine vacation David learns the fun of sticking it through and decides to try the paper route again. Worth while

Pub Date: March 18th, 1953
Publisher: Morrow