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It is gratifying to note that Catholic have become more Biblical-oriented in their approach to religion. There is no question but that the renewal in the Church will greatly benefit from that experience. In the light of new discoveries many of the concepts planted by ancient methods of teaching have been changing. Father Flanagan has a knack for saying things so that anyone can understand. This is particularly true in the case of truth in literature which he makes clear is not as simple as might be imagined. As a result parables are fully analyzed for their meaning and relationship to fact. The great contribution Father Flanagan makes is that he goes through the Old Testament -- which he sees as a preparation for salvation -- and identifies the chapters involved to the basic concepts of concern to mankind: Creation; Man and sin; Family; people and religion; Nation and Kingdom; and Division of the Kingdom through Christianity and Judaism. Salvation History is in effect a guided tour through the Old Testament which the author sees culminating in God's plan of salvation with both the Jews and the Gentiles united to each other in Christ and in Christ united to God's goodness. The likelihood is that only priests and teachers of religion will seek this out, thought others would benefit.

Pub Date: Oct. 14th, 1964
Publisher: Shoed & Ward