RAILROAD COWBOY by Catherine Woolley
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Catherine Woolley, author of Schoolroom E, again penetrates the tight little Island of third grade Interests and Idiom- this time it's all about trains. Eight-year-old David not only owned an electric train, and had made friends with the crossings' watchman, but helped to organize the Railroad Cowboys, an exclusive group of train fans, composed of third graders, one younger, and even a fifth grade man. With the Cowboys and his class, David takes his first thrilling ride on the train, goes on a ""Rail Fan excursion"" with the Cowboys, Dad and Jerry, an adult fan,- seeing the round-house, watching the cars being shifted, and eating in the diner. A dream of glory comes true when David is rewarded for preventing a train wreck and is feted with a ride in an engineer's cab as well as over-whelming laud and honor. Plenty of unusual train information, and David is a delightful sprout children will approve.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1951
Publisher: Morrow