NATURALLY YOURS by Cathleen Schurr


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A blithe to bright narrative does not conceal the seriousness of purpose in presenting one young woman's conviction in natural childbirth which made this experience a happy one. Pushing the point that others- unenlightened- believe that a child is brought forth not only in sorrow and pain but ignorance as well, she counteracts old fears and old wives' tales with a buoyant account which begins with the discovery that she is pregnant, goes on to the attitudes of her friends- around her- compounded of gloom and superstition, and leads to her careful search for the right doctor and the right indoctrination at New York's Maternity Center. The course taken- and the exercises (her husband went along with her all the way from the time ""we got pregnant""); diet and girth control and clothes; the deluge of diaper services; the last weeks and the long wait which led up to the excitement and euphoria of the delivery; an harassed homecoming but the quick adjustment to the happy routine of parenthood- this outlines the biography of a birth which has none of the dedicated self-absorption of an Interest (Abigail Lewis-Doubleday) but is explicit and enthusiastic.

Pub Date: March 26th, 1952
Publisher: Rinehart