OBO AND MOZART by Cathrine Barr


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Mozart is a beagle puppy. When his family, the Nelsons, go off for the day, they leave him in the care of their older beagle, Bobo. Bobo makes the mistake of falling asleep. Mozart rambles off, into the terrors of bigger dogs, heavy traffic and, in a panic, he jumps in the lake. Bobo awakens to find his charge gone and, as the neighborhood children follow, he snuffles along Mozart's trail. The puppy is rescued and all are home and dry at the time of the Nelsons' return. The author/illustrator knows her beagles. The quiet humor of the story is emphasized in such pictures as that of Bobo cruising into a doze while Mozart leaps and whirls in frenzied play. The vocabulary is simple, the print is good-sized and unadorned, and both pictures and story are appealing.

Pub Date: Feb. 19th, 1964
Publisher: Walck