THE PIRATE DOG by Cathrine S. Cleven


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A stowaway lad gets his fill of adventure in the New World and lives to return to his family a hero. It takes the sight of the silver half moon, pinned to a sinister sailor, for Dirck to recall how he came to New Amsterdam and wandered the streets in a state of total confusion. The ship bound for the new world had been intercepted by pirates but Dirck had managed to reach shore and escape. But this recognition leads to a second capture and still another escape. In the company of Hans Kreiger and the tenacious dog Lion, Dirck heads for Indian country and then onto Fort Orange. Eventually he is responsible for the capture of the chief pirate and is rewarded by Governor Stuyvesant. The level and quantity of excitement in this story stretches one's credulity but youngsters who relish historical adventure will probably not mind one bit.

Pub Date: March 2nd, 1962
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill