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by Cathy Kelly

Pub Date: July 1st, 2001
ISBN: 0-525-94605-5
Publisher: Dutton

Three women plus assorted lovers, husbands, and children.

American-born Hannah Campbell is 37, single, and having an affair with a younger man: ultrabuff gym rat Jeff. He takes her mind off her selfish ex, Harry, who’s been gone for months, exploring the Amazon or something. Perhaps it’s time she took a trip herself. . . . In Egypt, she meets Leonie, a 40-ish veterinary nurse with bleached-blond hair and too much eyeliner, the divorced mother of three teenagers who needs a break. Then there’s plain Emma Sheridan, who obviously wishes she weren’t prancing around the Pyramids with her loudmouthed father and fussbudget mother. By the time the camels-and-couscous tour comes to an end, the three women are fast friends and keep in touch on their return to Ireland. Leonie begins a series of disastrous dates gotten from the personals, Emma struggles with her inability to conceive, and Hannah falls for a sexy actor. She’s madly in love with Felix, who alternates between the passionate and fickle—and is always self-absorbed. Can she commit to such a man? A broken condom resolves the issue: she’s pregnant. She finds out later that loving a famous actor isn’t as much fun as she thought, though she does love her beautiful baby daughter. Then she catches Felix in bed with the sexy au pair. Meanwhile, Leonie’s kids have visited their rich father in America and returned with all sorts of bad habits and some alarming news: her ex is about to remarry. Leonie is determined to find true love now, but there are problems with her children—in fact, she can’t believe now that she ever wanted kids at all. . . .

Commonplace story, but bestselling UK novelist Kelly has a wonderful flair for characterization and a gentle sense of humor: an appealing debut on this side of the Atlantic.