You Can Talk To The Other Side by Cathy Tigges

You Can Talk To The Other Side

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A step-by-step debut guide to contacting dead loved ones using spiritual tools.

“For some people, using their intuition feels natural and comes effortlessly,” writes Tigges. “For others, it takes practice or a willingness and openness to accept the fact that they possess this God-given ability.” Tigges herself has always had strong intuition, and through study and practice she’s learned to hone her potential into successful spiritualist practices—and she assures her readers they can do the same. It’s her contention that the human body’s aura is the source of raw energy that, with care and discipline, can be shaped into the ability to contact otherworldly entities who act as attendants to the spirits of the dead. The main aid to shaping this spiritual ability is use of a small pendulum held from a string in the hand; the pendulum must be “programmed” before it can be used, with a certain movement designating “yes,” for instance, one for “no,” “maybe,” and so on. Messengers from the other side often need considerable assistance making contact with our everyday reality, because it’s apparently quite easy to confuse disembodied spirits by using imprecise questions. Tigges offers readers a step-by-step explanation of how to avoid such semaphoring errors, and she provides clear instructions and a variety of work sheets on such matters as finding the right spirit guide for your temperament and purpose, “clearing” your pendulum of pent-up or distracting energy, and conducting an actual “session” of communication with dead loved ones. The book is refreshingly direct on all these topics, although it’s clearly aimed at an audience that fully shares her Christian spiritualist beliefs. Skeptical readers—those wondering, for instance, why otherworldly spirits couldn’t just speak directly, in clear sentences, to yearning loved ones, or those questioning how Tigges herself could possibly know any of this stuff—will, of course, find it a bit baffling. Nevertheless, Tigges’ fellow spiritualists will find the hands-on guide quite useful.

No-nonsense charts and checklists for navigating the great beyond.

Pub Date: May 15th, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-4936-9881-3
Page count: 230pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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