BEYOND PERSONALITY: The Christian Idea Of God by C.B. Lewis
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BEYOND PERSONALITY: The Christian Idea Of God

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C.B Lewis has become a powerful influence in Anglo-Saxon religious life. It is said that in his weekly broadcasts over B.B.C. he has as large a listening audience as any other British commentator. We in America first became familiar with this Oxford professor through his widely read and such quoted Screw Tape Letters. Subsequent publication of Levis' broadcasts under the titles Christian Behavior and The Problem of Pain further enhanced his reputation. The present volume might be called Christian Theology for the Man at the Radio. Again, Lewis demonstrates his extraordinary gift of expressing abstract ideas in language which the non-theologian, even those who lay no claim to intellectuality, can understand. Here is one who dares in a series of radio talks to deal with such questions as the personality of God, the Trinity and the theory of prayer and does so in language that the average man can understand. The secret of Lewis' popular appeal seems to lie in his unusually apt use of analogies and illustrations. To those who need to think about religion or to have their thinking clarified, this little book can be enthusiastically recommended.

Pub Date: May 8th, 1945
Publisher: Macmillan