JEWISH ART by Cecil-Ed. Roth


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Dr. Roth, the Reader in Jewish Studies at Oxford University, has contributed an excellent introduction to this history of Jewish art in which he confutes the (false) premise that the Ten Commandments imposed an interdict on the Jews, restrictive to visual art. While this prohibition was variously interpreted, and sometimes followed absolutely, in the earliest years, representational art was admitted to the synagogues by the 4th century and an eventual emancipation in all art forms was reached. The purpose of this volume is to trace the ""artistic achievements in every medium of Jews and persons of Jewish birth, from the earliest times down to the present day, together with objects and buildings of specific Jewish ritual use, whether their authorship was provably Jewish or not. The term `Jewish' thus applies here to authorship and to object; it is not intended to apply to the content."" There are 19 contributors, including the editor, as authors of the various sections dealing with Jewish art through the ages, whether paintings, sculpture, architecture, ceremonial objects, mosaics, illustrated manuscripts, and various examples of the minor arts. There are 450 black and white illustrations, and 12 color plates and the text and pictures collectively provide a fine history of this heritage.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1961
Publisher: McGraw-Hill