THE BELOVED SON by Cecil Maiden


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This story of the twelfth year of Jesus' life has evidently been written with sincere piety but, unfortunately, also with considerable saccharine, e.g., the boy Jesus admires the ""shimmerdust"" on a butterfly's wings and murmurs, ""A blessing on you!"" Those who know the life of Jesus as told in Scripture will be continuously disconcerted by the repeated prefiguration of the major events of His public life within some two weeks of His boyhood. He rescues a lost lamb, befriends a Samaritan woman, converts a thief (who is crucified after being caught returning stolen goods), meets the children Lazarus, Martha, and Mary in Jerusalem, is shocked by the money -changers in the Temple, and finally eats the Passover meal in an upper room. In spite of the high rate of coincidence, the author must be credited with a reverent imagination in preconstructing well-known events with more or less plausible childhood circumstances. (One glaring, inexcusable error has the ram's horn being blown to signify sundown during Passover.) On the whole, however, readers will find this book neither better nor worse than the average Sunday School library fiction.

Publisher: Dodd, Mead