NEVER ANOTHER LOVE by Cecile Gilmore


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A dependable romance, smoothly paced, sufficiently detailed to give some local color as the story moves from Kansas to New York and New England, and nicely equipped with a virtuous American heroine. Susan Wright left her Kansas farm home completely heart-broken after having been jilted by her summer-cruise lover on the night before their wedding. Going to New York to forget everything in work, her defensive attitude toward men is underscored by a slimy proposal from a Greenwich Village habitue. However, a new job in New England for Simon Marriott gives Susan a second chance for love, only to find her happiness once more in danger through Simon's domineering Mother, who already has a would-be bride picked out for her son. Fearing a second rejection, Susan leaves but Simon follows and virtue receives its just reward. For substantial rentals and light summer reading.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1950
Publisher: Avalon