THE SACRAMENTS by Cecily Hastings
Kirkus Star


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In The investments Cecily Hastings supplies Catholics, and those who might be interested in Catholicism, with a book which is a happy relief from the heavy-handed verbiage which characterizes so many priest-written tomes aimed at the lay Catholic audience. The author's experience as a Catholic Evidence Guild street preacher, and as the conductor of the Questions and Answers column of the London Catholic Herald, is reflected in the way she handles objections and resolves doubts in a candid and forthright fashion. Every word in The Sacraments justifies the existence of the sacramental system of Catholicism on the basis that a truly human religion must be a religion of matter as well as of spirit. In her skillful and forceful presentation, Cecily Hastings sees the sacraments as a means of complete fulfillment of the human being created for eternity. Cecily Hastings ranks highly as a theologian in the lay field -- possibly next only to Frank Sheed. In this book she has made a major contribution which will help any reader make fuller use of these important means to salvation.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1961
Publisher: Sheed & Ward