STAGE OF LOVE by Cecily Shelbourne


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Take a tassel or two from a stately home, a quick glance at 1830s greenrooms and rehearsals, and a few heavy scenes of smack-and-pinch sex--and you have this quick parade of humdrum talent. Young actress sisters Isabella and Kate must join the family on tour when Father's theater burns to the ground. The Presence of the mighty actor Davenant in the company pays the bills, however, and Isabella snags an Earl's son in marriage. Enter ""disreputable and dirty and almost savage"" actor Buckley--and an S/M trip for Isabella, who cheats on ""good and wholesome"" husband Denys and hears a son by Buckley. Buckley, discarded, bounces onto Kate who marries him--but she will be rescued by Davenant who will aid in giving Buckley the boot. Isabella loses Denys--ah, but why go on--a jujube special for the peanut gallery.

Pub Date: Nov. 11th, 1977
Publisher: Putnam