THEY ALL HOLD SWORDS by Cedric Belfrage


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Intimate autobiography with much that is radical, much that is violent in protest, by a ""man of good will"", author of Away From It All, who tried and eventually escaped the traditions to which he was born. This emerges as a candid and extreme attack against British imperialism and the British caste system. Born a ""gentleman""-- brought up in the ""old school tie"", cricket and Cambridge traditions and hating it (on his traditions he lays blame for his inhibitions and thwarted sex life) -- he escaped to America, got a job writing for the fan mags, made a precipitous and unsuccessful marriage, returned to England, had and lost a job writing on Hollywood for Lord Beaverbrook, and -- after a divorce and remarriage, returned to America for the birth of the child of his second marriage. In 1939 a visit to England revealed a country still empire-bound, with gilded gentry attitudes-- and he holds out hopes that only through the ordeal of the present can England achieve change.

Publisher: Modern Age