MY MASTER COLUMBUS by Cedric Belfrage


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This version of Columbus and his voyages comes through the record of Yayael, one of the ""noble savages"" first met by the Spaniards, who became attached to the first expedition, was taken to Spain, and- after life back in the islands, returned to Spain for the rest of his days. His love for ""Colon"" never faltered and as interpreter he saw and heard and learned much of the ""pinkskins"" ways in treating with the island people but his early excitement over their strange and wonderful weapons, ships and God, gave way to doubts that his people's life was better. And, when he realized that all the words in the world could not change the fact that his revered Colon had brought enslavement to free men, he was committed to a world he had not asked for. Here are the disappointments and failures of the voyages, the honor and dishonor Columbus knew at home, the vicious search for and the among the Spaniards, the native friendliness that to hate and fear, and the roots of the evils of colonialism. ""History from the bottom"" here has a definite mark of history as it might have been, and should attract students and these knowledgeable of the period.

Pub Date: July 28th, 1961
Publisher: Doubleday