TRYOUT IN SPAIN by Cedrio Salter


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A livelier record of the Spanish dress rehearsal than has been previously available, and fits in with Appeasement's Child by Thomas J. Hamilton (Knopf) in adding color and drama to the picture of the Civil War. Not as important a book, nor as permanent in value, but -- quite frankly -- better reading for the majority of readers. Highly colored, grim humored, tersely styled, Salter, one of the first correspondents to go to Spain, one of the last to leave, records the Red Terror in Barcelona, until Negrin took over, atrocities, pillage, arson, mass massacre. He saw 800 women camp-followers shot down; he helped smuggle out some nuns; he worked with the English Pimpernel (Capt, Luce) who established an Underground for Loyalists; he interviewed Negrin, del Vayo, La Pasionaria; he suffered at the hands of Fascist military secret police; he stayed on in Barcelona even after he knew Franco would take it. Personal, with sidelights on the Spanish war, some barbaric, some tragic, many exciting.

Publisher: Harper