LYNN PAMET: CATERER by Celeste Edell


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Lynn, the least flamboyant member of a New York theatrical family, is dedicated to the idea of becoming a caterer. Her mother, an actress, is horrified that her daughter plans to spend the rest of her life in the unglamorous atmosphere of a kitchen, but Lynn stubbornly pursues her interest, both in college and at home where she cooks the family's meals. Financial adversity, a romantic upheaval, which involves Lynn and her beautiful older sister, and a series of demanding jobs, give Lynn's family confidence in her choice and she not only wins her professional battle, but, en route, aquires a very desirable beau. Celeste Edell has caught the atmosphere of a not too fashionable family living in a fashionable section of New York as she has captured the tension a young girl of imagination feels as she is caught between the frustration and hopes of youth. Her descriptions of Lynn's career and the meals she cooks are appetizing and illuminating. A book which should appeal to a wide variety of high school readers.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1960
Publisher: Messner