Reintegration of Earth Kin and Star Kin
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A woman recalls her encounters with extraterrestrials—and the ramifications for life on Earth—in this debut memoir.

In her wide-ranging book, Star jumps right into the meat of the matter: In the 1980s, she was contacted by the “Ultraterrestrials” who form the High Spiritual Council and the Galactic Star Federation, congregations of superadvanced aliens. They asked her to become an ambassador to the “Star Kin,” who had separated from their Earth Kin more than 10,000 years ago. The author recalls that she was requested to work with a select band of likewise mentally advanced humans in order to prevent disasters on Earth. The Galactic Earth Council was born in 2010, comprising the only people on the planet who know what Star calls “the Truth of Truths”: that humans are not alone in the universe and that the cosmos is in fact teeming with life. This group also recognizes that the Star Kin seek an “Awakening” so that they and their Earth Kin can be reunited. “We are one humanity, in relation to each other,” she writes, “each with a gift from the Creator to be respected by all present.” The work includes testimonials from other members of the galactic council as well as the author’s many recollections of dealing with the Star Kin here on Earth, including moments when the vast armada of the Federation’s spacecraft paused overhead in the sky, “allowing us to see the glory of their amazing ships in many different sizes and shapes.” Star’s evocative book is enthusiastically written and will appeal to fans of UFO literature. But other readers will hit the wall of credulity almost immediately since the author opens her memoir by describing how the Star Kin helped cap the leaking BP–operated Macondo Prospect during the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe of 2010. Every moment of the disaster, including its end, was completely documented and filmed and showed no alien involvement. Likewise, no alien armadas have recently entered Earth’s atmosphere and loitered in plain view. But such things will hardly be obstacles to devotees of this kind of vibrant galactic narrative.

A vivid (and improbable) account of aliens among us.

Page count: 253pp
Publisher: Self
Program: Kirkus Indie
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