DEAR STORE: An Affectionate Portrait of Rich's by Celestine Sibley

DEAR STORE: An Affectionate Portrait of Rich's

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Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear, dear, dear! Attention America! The rest of the country might not have realized that Atlanta's Rich's ""is a store of legend. In a hundred years it has become like Paul Bunyan and John Henry, those other lovable titans of American folk lore."" And according to the author, Rich's has always been a big fairy godfather, outfitting all those Southern Cinderellas, patting, praising, crediting, financing, adjusting, advising...""the customer is always right."" And it has been guided by benevolent geniuses with lovely wives, citizens of the year who have aided, comforted and fed the sick, the lonely, the lost kids, and gently guided Atlanta along the paths of rightousness. It's all here, the hundred year making of a store. In fact we think Rich's should run for president.

Publisher: Doubleday