WITH NO CRYING by Celia Fremlin


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Jaunty, bubbly Fremlin specializes in non-detective, psycho-domestic tizzies, and this is one of the least plausible yet. Schoolgirl Miranda Field gets pregnant through her very first contact with a boy (at a dance), and when her pseudoliberal parents nag her into an abortion she goes rather wacko: she runs away, pads herself to look hugely pregnant, and is promptly taken in by a benign, gullible quasi-commune (which includes gossipy girls, a hapless would-be writer, a med student, and the student's jealous ex-girlfriend). But Miranda's new chums keep expecting her baby to arrive--so she starts getting desperate. And when a local baby is stolen from its pram, reader suspicions inevitably focus on Miranda. Soon, in fact, that nasty ex-girlfriend begins proclaiming that Miranda has killed the babe and buried it! Fremlin, however, has a last-page trick in store, and it's merely the most farfetched moment in a thoroughly dubious concoction. Still, there's possible YA appeal in Miranda's predicament; and nearly all the goings-on are played for cheerfully offbeat comedy, with Fremlin's quirky, chirpy narrative moving things briskly, pleasantly, absurdly along.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1980
Publisher: Doubleday