THE LONG SHADOW by Celia Fremlin


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To a devoted following, Celia Fremlin's always been the Julia Child of household homicide, folding in all kinds of domestic discomfiture with whatever story of terrified harassment (at a minimum here) she tells. This one finds Imogen as the two-month widow of vainglorious classics professor Ivor. She has no time to mourn him since she's so surrounded by living reminders--her charming, carefree stepson; her stepdaughter Dot, and Dot's husband and youngsters; her predecessor, Ivor's second wife; and a student in a burnous whose head emerges to accuse her, along with a young man, of killing Ivor. The story's not so much this time but then it's so amusingly beleaguered with the great man's left-behinds and they're all astutely observed.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1976
Publisher: Doubleday