UAIL IN ASPIC by Ceoil Beaton


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An encore, which is also something of an echo, of My Royal Past (John Day- 1960) this is another beau jest in ""The Life Story of Count Charles Korsetz"" as tape-recorded to Cecil Beaton. The Count, an effete fellow-but a true Nobleman and Gentleman (""He toils not, neither does he spin"") looks back on the circumstances of his birth which linked him with most of the leading houses of Europe, his childhood, his years at Oxford (no diploma- but entree- to British society), and then the va et vient of all the years to come through two world wars. In this tiara of trivia, there are travels and safaris, oures- and piqures, lacklustre courtships and a betrothal curtailed by death, the croquet, lawn tennis and sculling, the interminable, indigestible menus, the bereavements- and interments, etc. etc. The illustrations, not seen, will probably be by Beaton, of Beaton, in any one of a number of elegant impersonations. Exalted nonsense, indeed.

Pub Date: March 18th, 1963
Publisher: -Merrill