SUSAN TO YOU by Certrude Carrbak
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College-girl-in-the-big-city, by the author of Consider the Daisies (that book about Vassar undergraduate life that set the staid alumnae by the ears) -- and a good story, a real one, written with insight and charm. Suzy is just out of college, ""intense and full of causes"", confident of her ability to get a job as an artist and to find the right man. She goes through five years of slow disillusion; she sees her friends making compromise marriages, taking second best jobs; she herself holds out idealistically for something better on both counts. She takes a job with a liberal magazine that peters out; she lands in a department store and refuses to play politics; eventually, she free lances, and wins success the hard way. She falls in love violently with irresponsible Jerry, who shies at marriage; she settles for steady dull Howard and then re-meets Alex and knows he is what she wants. A step up the social and economic rung from Kitty Foyie, who was definitely a white-collar-girl-on-the-make, this can safely be recommended to conservatives with a realistic view of youth.

Pub Date: July 21st, 1943
Publisher: Lippincott