THE OTHER by C.F. Keppler


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What might have been a roman noir, dealing as it does with one of the darker mysteries, the psychic double, is handled in such a way as to be more obvious than obscure; the setting is an Arizona sanitarium for rich, wealthy, post-40 patients, a ""Menopausoleum"" for those who have failed in life and with other therapists. Gary Sheppard, who runs it, uses a new and somewhat radical technique, encouraging the ""other"" in each to be released. This is a technique which has fascinated Sheppard but it proves to be closer to Frankenstein than Freud when it unlooses his own ""doppelganger"", or does he materialize in the person of Perdue, a sick man whom he takes on as handyman and with whom he increasingly relates and identifies? Even after he fails Perdue whom he transfers to a State Hospital the parallelism continues- to delude and destroy him.... This story of one man's obsession and/or possession is for all its concern with involutional forces an external one. Curiosity gives it quite a headstart and it will carry the reader along, without ever really taking him in.

Pub Date: Jan. 6th, 1963
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin