HERE COME JOE MUNGIN by Chalmer G. Murray


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A Negro story of South Carolinian island people, principally concerned with the ruthless rise of ugly, ambitious, determined Joe Mungin, who at an early age demonstrated his independence by demanding pantal His marriage is built on antagonism, for he can get Tyra Ann no other way, and she spends her time trying to outwit him and get him under her thumb, only to fall time and again. He rises to be head man on the plantation, and continues to prosper even after the owner's death. Post-Civil war period, as the setting for Joe's career, in marriage, in love affairs, in farming and business. It's earthy, rowdy, colorful, dramatic, interesting for those who follow novels of the colored race. The author is former District Supervisor of the S. Ca. Writers' Project.

Publisher: Putnam