THIS AGE OF CONFLICT:  to the Present by Chambers: Harris aylay

THIS AGE OF CONFLICT: to the Present

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When -- in 1943 -- This Age of Con was published, inevitably much that was newsworthy was incomplete- and the war was only then entering into its final phase. It is a wise decision to reissue this book, completely revised, so that additional facts can be used to throw light on events, and new chapters be added to bring the whole up to date. Emphasis and significance change. The book falls into five parts:- I- First World War; IV- Second World War; V- Post War Period; Parts II and III, The Period of Settlement and The Period of Crisis trace the peace and its aftermath in boom, collapse and crisis, and the growing cloud of Nazism. The book treats the two wars as part of a single conflict-worldwide, and in under 1000 pages highlights the history of momentous years which have seen changes, drastic ones, everywhere. In such space, it would be impossible to go into detailed analysis, causes, phases, etc. so the authors have wisely held a singularly unemotional, objective viewpoint, as reporting historians, rather than critical historians.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1950
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace