WILLIAM F. HALSEY, JR.: Fighting Admiral by Chandler Whipple

WILLIAM F. HALSEY, JR.: Fighting Admiral

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Attack repeat attack""--not a criticism but a reminder of the Admiral's battle cry. A comic strip hero in his lifetime, he encouraged men by his good humor, achieved the rank of five-star admiral despite ""indelicate outbursts"" (delicately excluded) and occasional mindless bravado. Guardian of the Pacific during World War II, Halsey claimed a ""hatred"" for the Japanese which, not analyzed or explained, reads like a high school football rivalry of international proportions. The gosh darn editing eliminates the quips he was known for, although anecdotes do capture some of the salty flavor. Never a Marshall, the Admiral has little besides military exploits to attract current attentions.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Putnam