THE SKY RIVER by Chang Fa Shun
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An entrancing version of one of the many ancient legends of the Sky River, or Milky Way, this story of the Ox boy and the Weaving-girl should charm American children as it has fascinated generations of Chinese children. Beginning with the story of the coming of the gentle Ox to earth under the orders of the King of Heaven, the tale follows the adventures of the kindly ""Ox boy"" who marries the lovely daughter of the King of Heaven, called the ""Weaving girl"" because of her heavenly skill in that art. After five years of triumphs and hardships, the Weaving-girl, in spite of her love for her husband and their twins, flies away to the sky eager to leave the tragedy and woes of the earth, having seen the horrors of war and sadness of the human lot. The Ox-boy, children and faithful follow her, however, although they may be united once a year on July 7th when the ""Double Seventh"" holiday is held in China, in honor of the crossing of the Weaving-girl over the Sky River to see her family. The appeal of an animal story, in which animals have a great many things to say, the wisdom of an ancient culture and the color, action and beauty of a folk legend make this a fine addition to the group of legends of other lands.

Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard