HARVEST OF MY YEARS by Channing Pollock


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Playwright, lecturer, author, Mr. Pollock gives the record of a full life, of his wife interests and the causes be sponsored, of a happy marriage, and of his main , the theatre. From a background of an uncommon childhood, dominated by the powerful of his father and the responsibility of an unworldly mother, he presents the state of newspaper work, dramatic criticism, pres- real until he into his chosen profession. Then comes the of the theatre has known of producers, actors, playwrights, plays, and the and whys of his won. Into this friendly sprawly canvas he inserts much of his friends and associates, his adventures it lecturing, his travels, pattern of an active life. has built up a wide and loyal audience and they will love it. The casual reader, to whom he is a name and not a personality, may find this too much of a much-, and of only sporadic interest. However, with advance circular material, advertising along the lines of Cobb's laughing, etc. It should sell well.

Pub Date: Feb. 17th, 1943
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill