THE JUNGLE by Charity Blackstock


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A group of six people are escorted through the Kruger National Park in South Africa where the animals roam more freely than do their observers here -- all trapped in one unsatisfactory relationship after another. Take Stella Hargraves, a truly beautiful woman of forty and the young pop singer Dan almost half her age; or the Grangers, unloving man and his wife who can hardly talk to him at all; or their young son; or Vicky Lehman, whose husband is unmissed in Vietnam. During the tour a number of crosspollinating attractions occur -- Stella loses Dan to Vicky while the Grangers, father and son, would be only too eager to replace him but obviously can't. Intimations here, implications there, knowingly extend this in the genre she practices -- a kind of emotional suspense story hovering over shaky relationships. Needless to say, it's a territorial imperative for the ladies.

Pub Date: Jan. 6th, 1971
Publisher: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan