THE WIDOW by Charity Blackstock
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Along with Joan Fleming and two or three others, Charity Blackstock writes around the genre as well as above it and this one which is kind of an interior suspense story deals with Sheila Armstrong's Journey to Dolly Creek, Australia, a forgotten outpost in the outback. ""You can die here,"" she's told on her arrival; actually she is looking for some kind of new life after the death of her husband, who had come from Dolly Creek and left her with all kinds of unresolved feelings. Then there are the migrants and the ""abos,"" and the dotty old lady who had been her husband's aunt and now reviles him, and a protective, nameless Queenslander who hides behind dark glasses. Sheila writes novels--""Womanish. Love and all that."" That's what this is--a very pleasing release mechanism for the ladies, single, married or widowed.

Pub Date: Dec. 28th, 1967
Publisher: Coward-McCann