CHRISTMAS GIFT by Charlemae- Ed. Rollins
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... An Anthology of Christmas Poems, Songs and Stories Written By and About Negroes collected by a well-known Children's Librarian and with an Introduction by Arna Bontemps. In her Foreword, Mrs. Rollins states that years of chasing down Christmas poems and stories specifically relating to Negroes at the request of parents and teachers made her aware of the need for a single book that would bring together the material she had dug up from old magazines and isolated passages in forgotten books. This is a rich selection in a handsome book. The illustrations by Tom O'Sullivan are excellently well drawn, responding perfectly in mood to the pieces illustrated and are given generous space. In addition to the stories and poems, the author has included songs, descriptions of American Negro Christmas customs and tested recipes for the special seasonal dishes not easily come by in standard cookbooks. The title is taken from the plantation Christmas game; the first to greet an acquaintance with this exclamation won an extra small present from his slower friend. The book will be at home in any public library collection and makes an excellent personal gift suggestion.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1963
Publisher: Mollett