THE RIGHT MOVES: Succeeding in a Man World Without a Harvard MBA by Charlene & Thomas Burdick Mitchell

THE RIGHT MOVES: Succeeding in a Man World Without a Harvard MBA

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Many of the topics covered here have been done to death in books, magazines and other media. However, there are no doubt many young women on the verge of a career who might benefit from an awareness of the corporate environment, pertinent survival tactics, and overall strategy in plotting one's advancement. The appeal of this treatment is that it is orderly, sensible and shrewd. For the savvy young junior exec on the way up, there may be a diamond here and there, but much of this info has been gleaned earlier. Still, there are those who shiver with anxiety if they are not in possession of a fact, insight or tactic which could prove indispensable in getting them the fight job in the right company. For a severe case, this book might prove a merciful antidote. The authors' skepticism about the promises companies make and the totems and taboos of corporate life are as bracing as an icy douse in a mountain lake. For those whose eyes glisten with idealism, ambition and starry-eyed opportunism, and for whom the work ethic is all, the cold water may be overdue. There is more, the authors warn, to being on the fast track than the average workaholic knows. As these books go, this one is a straightforward course in getting ahead. A woman on the corporate make could do a lot worse than this no-nonsense primer.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1985
Publisher: Macmillan