THE REPUBLIC by Charles A. Beard


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The Round Table Discussion has been popularized over the radio. That may prepare the way for a reading public for profound searchings into the essences of our form of government through a series of dialogues. For that is the method chosen by Prof. Beard in this presentation of current and familiar points of view. The early passages deal with discussion of the Constitution as a living document, living through the very flexibility of expansion and reinterpretation in the light of modern thought. Beard is careful, in speaking through his own voice, to define his terms, and in so doing to state his own premises, while letting his interlocutors represent other viewpoints. I found the last third of the book, dealing with the Republic in the world of nations, the main types of post-war plans more interesting, even when I could take issue with one opinion expressed or another. But it is not a clear-cut tabloid presentation; it demands a contribution on the part of the reader. Stimulating -- sometimes controversial -- but appealing to a limited market.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1943
Publisher: Viking