ALEXANDER THE GREAT by Charles Alexander Jr. Robinson


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A new biography, in the tradition of Arrian rather than Plutarch, of Alexander the Great as the Hellenizer of the East and the first exponent of world government and the brotherhood of man. Choosing Ptolemy and Aristobulus as his primary sources, the author records the conqueror's campaign through Asia Minor, Egypt, Persia, India- and the return. But although Alexander is here considered a master military strategist, the emphasis of this book is placed on Alexander's contributions to civilization in terms of political administration, racial and religious tolerance, scientific discoveries, and most of all, the spread of Greek culture. Here is the approach of a Greek classicist and humanitarian, and Alexander emerges as a genius in human relations, a facile, adept politician, and a world conqueror with history-shaping ideas. Biography in a learned, scholarly manner which is nonetheless readable.

Pub Date: June 23rd, 1947
Publisher: Dutton