SASSAFRAS HILL by Charles Allen Smart


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Conversation piece and social comedy, which is leisurely and mild in its mockery, this follows the reconversion of Davie McDermott, once an advertising man, now out of the Navy at 44 and wanting to paint. He stops by chance in a small New England village, and takes a job as manservant to widowed Mrs. Brown, whose household preserves the genteel conventions and includes her three children, her tartly spoken mother, Mrs. Lacey, and her alcoholic brother, Dr. Lacey, whose amorous activities are not above reproach. McDermott, maintaining his status with insistence, still succeeds in extending his duties and managing to catch brother Lacey in off-color moment with Miss Dowling, redirects his affections to the worthier Mary, thus securing for himself the admiration of the mother, and the love of the widow. Pleasant, evanescent entertainment. Very different from his R.F.D. except in affection for small town living.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1947
Publisher: Random House