APPROACHING AND PUTTING: The Key to a Lower Golf Score by Charles B.- as told to Cleveland

APPROACHING AND PUTTING: The Key to a Lower Golf Score

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As a kind of editor and compiler, Mr. Cleveland has talked to pros and golfing authorities and set down, both in quote form and exposition, collective ideas in a pretty fair survey of the problem,- breaking the eighties. Twenty sportsmanlike chapters tell the story. Divotting for a starter, Cleveland digs below the surface to emphasize thoughtful shot planning and knowledge of course theory before trying to attack physical shortcomings. Slices and hooks, with faulty grip usually nine tenths of the trouble, of course need improvement before getting at the heart of the matter- approach shorts and putts. Here, the book gets down to business and discusses all the angles. There is sharpshooting at 100 yards from the flag and the loft shot, judgment of distance and the backspin, the handicap's implications, curing curves, getting out of traps, and reading the green for professional putting. For the serious amateur-fine nineteenth hole stuff.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1953
Publisher: Crowell