BERLIN- PIVOT OF GERMAN DESTINY by Charles B.-Ed. & Transl. Robson


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Based on lectures given last year at the Free University of Berlin by prominent West German educators and officials, this work offers an informed appraisal of the embattled city's past, present and future. Berlin is seen as ""a highly sensitive seismograph registering every political tremor and every socio- ideological shift on the European border between the competing power systems"". Professor Robson, a guest faculty member at the Free University in 1958 and 1959, is an able translator who has produced a readily readable book. Understandably, however, it is for the student and the specialist rather than for the reader seeking an account of what it is like to live in Berlin today. There are, however, essays on city planning in a divided metropolis and on the cultural policies on each side of the Brandenberg Gate. Robson believes that the people of West Berlin, in character and behavior, have brought the city to a position of strength in international affairs that make it in no way a pawn for trading between the West and the Russians. No solution is seen for the Berlin problem without a solution of the whole divided Germany problem and no solution of the German problem without a solution of the European problem.

Publisher: Univ. of No. Ca. Press