THE SUCCESS SYNDROME: Hitting Bottom When You Reach The Top by

THE SUCCESS SYNDROME: Hitting Bottom When You Reach The Top

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The realities of success are explored in this skillful analysis by psychiatrist Berglas, who has studied the downside risks and subsequent consequences of the nation's current preoccupation. Does the wealth and security offered by success justify the host of problems that so often result? Our intensely competitive society has encouraged the emergence of a group of highly motivated people fiercely determined to succeed at any cost. Disorders such as stress and alcoholism are often results and are directly attributable to the misguided or uncontrolled quest for success. No longer are Americans content to keep up with the Joneses--now we seek to one-up them every chance we get. The media elevates the successful to hero status, where the pressures to perform additional miracles sometimes causes missteps and failure. Berglas has his finger on the pulse of a generation or two of success stories. In his study, he charts the land mines in hopes that the soon-to-be successful can avoid some of the agonies of their predecessors. An intelligent, not-quite-scholarly reference that is timely and deserves to be studied.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1986
Publisher: Plenum