LOVE IS A BRIDGE by Charles Bracelon Flood


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A polite but prolix (some 600 pages) story of pleasant people for whom a protective world of social and economic security does not necessarily assure happiness, this follows the connected lives and disconnected marriage of Henry Cobb and Susan Pemmerton through some twenty years. For Henry, after St. Mark's and Harvard and Europe, is serious about his future in aerodynamics but emotionally unsteady, and unready for the marriage to Susan at . Much as he loves her, the restraints which include a baby-Hilliard- bring him to the edge of a crackup and he does not contest the divorce action which Susan (and his rather heavy father-in-law) brings. A second marriage to Alice, beautiful, determined, and drive by the memory of her first husband who had died, has happiness only in his love for her unwanted daughter-Ann. The years pass by and Susan knows that she will always love Henry, and is generous in reconciling him with their boy; and finally Alice acknowledges the failure of their marriage and frees Henry for a second chance- with Susan.... amiable, ambient progression through a well-bred world- this is undemanding and relaxing entertainment for women. The publishers are hoping for the Marquand market, but there is less sting and more sentiment.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin