AMERICA GOES TO WAR by Charles C. Tansill


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An important book from the angle of an accurate record from primary sources as to the steps which led to America's joining the Allies in 1917. From masses of material, much of it old, some of it new, and in conjunction the one with the other, definitely new, records, letters, cable, reports, newspaper clippings, etc. tell the story. It is not a flattering picture from any angle. England emerges a bit holier than thou, and with small reason, and the records show the open violations of international law that virtually drove Germany to submarine warfare. Germany remains with much the familiar picture. And the U. S. A. comes off as rather a sep! There's not the popular appeal that the Millis book or the Borchard book has; for matter of reference it is an essential contribution.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1938
Publisher: Little, Brown